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Agency Plus

Agency Plus actually consists of two main modules, Mail Plan and List Order. This direct mail management and list ordering software will oversee projects from start to finish. Detailed statistical reports can be generated from Agency Plus to permit your staff to optimize direct mail programs.

Mail Plan

Mail Plan is a state of the art system for the creation of mail plans. It supports projections, request for quotes, vendor quote comparisons, purchase orders, acquisition and donor key code schedules, importation of statistical returns, statistical reporting, and client aged payables against purchase orders. Mail Plan is fully integrated with the List Order system.

Mail Plan was designed with the direct mail agency in mind. Whether working for ad agencies or in-house for-profit clients, Agency Plus is the necessary tool to get mailings out on time and on budget. In one integrated system, all of the necessary tools to plan and implement mailings are keystrokes away. Agency Plus manages the creation of client mail plans, specs, bids, awards of components to vendors, creation of client budgets, cost documentation and payment tracking to vendors. The statistical analysis section is standard with many reports, which detail the performance of various mailings. Complementing the agency side of the software is the List Order component, which incorporates two critical aspects of the list industry, management and brokerage.

As clients expand their efforts and conduct direct mail projects in different countries, Agency Plus is able to meet their needs. Agency Plus has been designed to manage mail plans and list ordering not only on the U.S.-domestic level, but on the international level as well. The software is capable of accurately maintaining individual country configurations, specifically, currencies, date fields, and mailing address layouts - areas that traditionally have been problematic for the direct mail industry.


List Order

List Order allows for the list brokerage of client mailings as well as the management of client lists’ for use by others.

The List Order system is a complete system for the list business. It allows for very quick entry of rental and management orders. Order delivery and invoicing are also expedited by just a few "clicks". List Order also contains Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and a full suite of reports to help manage sales, list exchanges, and list owners' lists.

The List Order component itself comes with its own accounting program, extensive reporting capabilities, and exchange record management - a resource of particular interest because of the ability to generate exchange summaries/exchange balances.

The analysis of any mail plan is essential in determining past performance and in forecasting upcoming projects. Agency Plus not only coordinates the execution of mail plans and list ordering, but also provides a full complement of reporting features. Accurate statistical reporting is one of the many strengths of the program. Included among the statistical reports are weekly reports by individual job IDs, job statistical summaries by client, and fiscal year job statistical summaries. Agency Plus is also capable of handling rollover income/statistics for each client based on the client’s fiscal year or calendar.



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